Get a real training motivation by earning real money paid by someone who cares.

Your motivation will grow with your earnings which you can see in real time & request it from your Sponsor whenever you want.

App description

All of us want to be fit, but it takes time and determination to see the results. Burn & Earn motivates you to stay on track by turning your pain into gain. Our app converts the calories you burn during the day into cash, providing instant rewards for your hard work. This psychological trick will bring your training to a new level and assure the fastest results.

How it works

You can sign up as a Sponsor or as a Burner.

The Sponsor pays for calories burned by the Burner and Sponsor also sets how many calories the Burner must burn daily before the rewards kick in. We recommend to determine such threshold by increasing the Burner’s average daily calories by 25%. The Sponsor has an option to change the workout settings to up the challenge. The Sponsor can have multiple Burners in his account and check their training statistics.

The Burner has an opportunity to see the amount of burnt calories/earned money in real time, check statistics and request to redeem burnt calories any time right from the app. When Burner initiates such request, the app sends this request to corresponding Sponsor's account. Burn&Earn is great for family use and for organizations that want their employees to stay healthy.

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